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ZuCarne Market

We opened our butcher shop in December 2021. My daughter chose this location so we would be able to serve the residents in our neighborhood. This is a generational business and have opened a few others stores too. In 2005, we opened El Azteca Market in the City of Aurora and also opened another supermarket called La Despensa Latina #2 in Athmar.

Initially, we imported our products from Mexico, now it comes from California. The cuts of meat are tasty and are number one in the quality of the product. Hygiene, good service, and optimal quality of priorities in our store and everything that we proudly sell. I have always believed that if it is not good for me, then it’s not good for my clients either. Therefore, I have also trained my employees to carry these traits too so that we are always giving our best to our customers.

For anyone who has not visited our store, I want them to feel welcome to visit us anytime. We like interacting with our customers and doing our best to give them the best services at cheaper prices than large stores. Come visit us!


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